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Land Subdivisions

Whether the intent is to begin building on the newly subdivided lots immediately, or the goal is to provide family homesites for generations, SSC will deliver an exceptional product to ensure your needs are met, while obtaining Health Department approval. 


When subdividing land in Central Virginia, the majority of counties will require drainfield and reserve drainfield sites established for each new lot that is formed.  Some counties have local ordinances with specific rules pertaining to this process that are unique, while others only maintain statewide guidelines. 


Once the soil on a proposed lot has been evaluated and the delineated area has been staked in the field, a surveyor who is working with the landowner will survey locate the drainfield and reserve areas onto a plat.  A soil report will be prepared for each lot, using the new survey plat, which is submitted to the local Health Department for review and approval.  Usually a complete copy of the final subdivision survey plat will accompany the soil reports. 

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