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Well & Septic Permits

For most dwellings and other structures with indoor plumbing located in areas outside towns and cities, typically both water and sewer utilities are private.  These private utilities are referred to as well and septic systems.  SSC performs Site & Soil Evaluations, then prepares Well and Septic Permit packages for a variety of rural development projects, including (but not limited to) residential development, accessory dwelling development, garage apartments, etc.  A septic system design is based on the proposed specifications of the structure, in conjunction with the percolation rate of the soil.
SSC can produce permit packages for individually for septic systems where a well is not needed, such as for a dwelling that will be constructed within a subdivision supplied by public water utilities, or for the expansion of an existing septic system when an addition is proposed for an existing residence.  Individual well permit packages can be prepared for replacement wells, agricultural wells, etc.  All well and septic permit packages are submitted to the local Health Department for review and approval.  Once the Health Department has completed its review, the package is issued as a construction permit.


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